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Soundtrack / Music written and produced by Najaaraq Vestbirk / Courtesy

Kulør (2023) identity by Enver Hadzijaj

Courtesy – Violence of the Moodboard

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We are pleased to announce Courtesy’s sophomore EP, Violence of the Moodboard, out April 21, 2023 via the artist’s own Copenhagen-based label Kulør. Following her 2022 debut EP Night Journeys, Courtesy continues down a path of blissful and serene sonic melodrama, further establishing her own idiosyncratic ambient dance music beyond her live performances.

The title of the EP Violence of the Moodboard is lifted from the essay “Adam Pendleton and the Issue of Originality in the Digital Age,” written by fashion critic and curator Jeppe Ugelvig, who explores the ubiquity – and complexity – of appropriation and copyright infringement in artistic contexts, specifically within fashion. Reflecting on the violence inflicted in the de-contextualised image, Ugelvig references the fashion-world practice of including un-credited images from the work of visual artists in non-public moodboarding as the foundation for creating a new collection. Violence of the Moodboard comprises of three tracks culminating in Courtesy’s commissioned work for fashion adjacent projects, inclduding soundtracks for fashion shows and videos.

Courtesy plays with the act of divorcing art from origin and re-contextualising in her own format, highlighting both a dialogue and conflict between the original work and appropriation. She covers L.S.G.’s cult trance classic “Hearts”, but in Courtesy’s version it’s softened, distilled to its core in a blend of ambient and synthesizer euphoria. “AW23” slowly builds momentum with rising and falling arpeggios permeated with astral unease, teasing you with elements of a build up that never reaches its apex. In contrast, “Violence of the Moodboard” launches into circular rhythmic patterns, tenderly embracing synthetic sonic qualities to convey fragility.

The cover artwork, entitled Patision 82, was created by artist Sofia Defino Leiby, collaborator and friend of Courtesy. Fusing several different layered techniques, including screen printing and collage, Leiby emulates elements of advertising material – here specifically a model’s peculiar gaze at the audience within a Kenzo ad campaign. The composite make-up of the image becomes clear when seen in light of its consumerist nature – itself derivative of a moodboard, re-contextualised in a tongue-in-cheek manner by Leiby.


Najaaraq Vestbirk (b. 1987) also known as Courtesy, is a Danish artist and musician based between Copenhagen and Berlin. Her multidisciplinary practice began on the dancefloor, which she used as a starting point to explore the organic relationships formed between strangers, investigating the ways people coalesce and the intimate exchanges that occupy these transcendent spaces. Spanning installation, composition, DJ sets, performance, photography and video, Vestbirk is interested in the liveness and interactive potential of performance, particularly in collective exchange and questioning ways in which the artist can dissolve the line between the audience and themselves.

Text by Cheuk Ng

Credits: Courtesy – Violence of the Moodboard Written and produced by Najaaraq Vestbirk Additional production by Alex Kassian Mixed by James Kelly Mastered by Joel Krozer / Six Bit Deep

Courtesy – Hearts Written by Oliver Lieb Produced by Najaaraq Vestbirk Additional production by Alex Kassian Mixed by James Kelly Mastered by Joel Krozer / Six Bit Deep

Courtesy – AW2023 Written and produced by Najaaraq Vestbirk Additional production by Alex Kassian Mixed by James Kelly Mastered by Joel Krozer / Six Bit Deep

Artwork: Sofia Defino Leiby Patision 82 300 x 200 cm 2 018 Enamel, photo transfer, correction fluid, sgraffito, pencil, watercolor on artist panel Image courtesy Sweetwater, Berlin/Benjamin Marvin

Courtesy in Spike Art Magazine (2022)


Najaaraq Vestbirk (*1987) auch bekannt als Courtesy, ist eine dänische Künstlerin und Musikerin, die zwischen Kopenhagen und Berlin lebt und arbeitet. Ihre multidisziplinäre künstlerische Praxis wurzelt in ihren Engagements in der Clubkultur – die Basis ihres Interesses an organisch wachsenden Beziehungen zwischen Fremden, deren Verbindungen und den intimen Momenten, die zwischen ihnen in solch flüchtigen Räumen entstehen können. In Installation, Komposition, DJ-Sets, Performances, Fotografie und Video setzt sich Vestbirk mit der Lebendigkeit und dem interaktiven Potential von Performance auseinander – spezifisch in Formen des kollektiven Austauschs – und befragt die Möglichkeiten von Künstler*innen die vordefinierten Rollen zwischen sich und ihrem Publikum aufzulösen.

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Sofia Defino Leiby in her studio (2022) photographed by Najaaraq Vestbirk / Courtesy
Photo assistant Clara Sartor

Samuel Haitz in his studio (2022) photographed by Najaaraq Vestbirk / Courtesy

flyer by Enver Hadzijaj